Our Mission

To empower women living with disabilities in Rwanda. We strive to achieve this goal by advocating for total inclusivity, teaching the public about disabilities, and providing disabled women with  reproductive health education and economic stability through jobs training.


Miss Able-Humura at a Glance

Miss Able-Humura was founded by Godelive Ayinkamiye with the broad goal of helping women with disabilities by ending violence and abuse, unwanted pregnancies, economic instability, and the societal exclusion they face on a daily basis. Godelive was inspired to create Miss Able-Humura after she was ostracized by her friends and family for marrying an amputee. This experience made Godelive determined to both educate the Rwandan public about individuals with disabilities and to assist women with disabilities with the problems they face most, poverty, sexual assault, and exclusion in the education system.



Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights Education

Teaching disabled women about their bodies, reproductive heath, and right to consent.

Economic Stability and Jobs Training Project

Providing a source of consistent income and job training to impoverished members of the disabled community.

Future Generations Program

Educating Rwandan youth about the disabled community by partnering with local schools.

Beauty Pageants

Promoting self-esteem, body positivity, and confidence in our members through celebrating what makes each of them unique.

Business Development Training and Entrepreneurship Project

Instilling entrepreneurial goals in our members while teaching them business basics.

Disabilities in the Arts

Empowering our members through training in modeling, acting, and photography while advocating for the right to work.

Community Outreach

Connecting the disabled community and the general public through events and education.


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