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Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights Education

Many disabled individuals in Rwanda have not received the appropriate level of education surrounding sexual health and reproductive rights. This is due to both a failure of the public education system  and a widespread misconception that people with disabilities are naturally infertile. Since Miss Able's creation we have been educating disabled women on topics such as consent, contraception, and menstrual cycles.

Economic Stability and Jobs Training Project

Economic instability is at the root of many of our members problems. Often times disabled individuals are unable to find steady employment to provide for themselves leaving them no choice but to turn to sex work. This frequently results in further issues such as unwanted pregnancies and increased incidents of  sexual assault. Our goal is to provide disabled individuals with economic stability by teaching them to create traditional African handcrafts that they can then sell for a profit.

Future Generations Program

Our Future Generations Program partners with local schools to form clubs that educate youth about disabilities and encourages them to interact with the disabled community. We hope that by educating Rwanda's future leaders about persons with disabilities we can ensure a brighter future for the community in years to come.

Beauty Pageants

Our disabled beauty pageants empower girls with disabilities to have self-esteem regardless their disabilities.  We encourage girls with disabilities to have pride in their identities and strengths ultimately helping them gain the mindset necessary for pursuing the greatest versions of themselves while celebrating what makes them unique. Some of our pageant categories include Miss Wheelchair, Miss Amputee, Miss blind, Miss Down Syndrome, and Miss cerebral Palsy.

Business Development Training and Entrepreneurship Project

We train young adults, women and men with disabilities in business development. The training helps the beneficiaries to unlock their potential by challenging them on how to get out of their comfort zone, how to design business plan and implementing it, bookkeeping and money management, and how to find a capital and start small.

Disabilities in the Arts

Our disabilities in the arts program promotes the right for disabled individuals to work in industries such as modeling, acting, and photography. The arts are a great way to empower youth, women, and men with disabilities and we strive to do so by training some of our members in them while encouraging institutions nationally and internationally to employ persons with disabilities in these positions. We do so by running programs that raise awareness of inclusion, attracting companies to the idea of inclusion, and promoting partner companies to hire our members.

Community Outreach

We host community events that educate the public about mental and physical disabilities and encourage individuals to interact with members of the disabled community. These events include, but are not limited to, disabled beauty pageants, fundraisers, and guest speakers.